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What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads (Facebook Marketing & Advertising) is a method or way that promote your business though Facebook by targeting to your exact target audience precisely. It is also the most trending marketing way in recent years since there are over billions of users using Facebook every day.


Facebook Ads Packages

  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Advanced
Compare PlansBasicPremiumAdvanced
Pricing (RM)RM 599Get StartedRM 999Get StartedRM 1399Get Started
Post PublishMax 1Max 2 Max 3
Copy-writingMax 1Max 2 Max 3
Graphic Design Per PostMax 1-5Max 1-5 Max 1-5
Campaign Type AnyAny Any
Lookalike Marketing
Facebook Remarketing
Post Like/Comment Migration
Target Research
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Commonly asked questions

Below shows the questions that always asked from our customers:

Facebook Ads stands for Facebook Advertising, it is a trending marketing way which help your business to  reach the potential people or audiences via Facebook. Nowadays, Facebook Advertising become more and more potential and powerful since there are more than a billion of users logging into Facebook everyday.

Newly born campaigns(Facebook Ads) take more time to spread. In general, new Facebook campaigns will only start showing after 2 weeks, while established campaigns may take less for improvements to spread.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that brings back website visitors who haven’t converted on their first visit to an online store. The cookie lets you recognize and follow your store’s visitors when they visit other sites and then displays related ads to these people.

Our team will migrate your old campaign’s comments and likes from your visitors to a new campaign. When a campaign shows higher comments/likes the higher chances to reach more potential customer!

Channel Soft Digital Marketing team is a group of Digital Marketing experts who are responsible for running your campaign and making sure that the campaign is on track. Channel Soft will allocate an account manager to be in contact with you through e-mail, or any other channel.

Our team will use some tools to help you check and evaluate which target audience and content are more potential and effective to your campaign.

Get people to take valuable actions on your website, in your app or in Messenger, such as adding payment information or making a purchase. Our Team will use the Facebook pixel or app events to track and measure conversions.

This allow you to sync product from your e-store with Facebook Page.By now your visitors can straight to look up your products from your Facebook page and make purchased.

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