E-Menu is Now Integrate with Lalamove

We integrate with Lalamove can help merchant who does not have the driver to deliver the product.

We help drive additional sales to your business! It allows you to tap into millions of consumers on social media, allowing you to extend your business into the online space!

Delivery and pickup is a new revenue stream for your business, helping to drive incremental sales that complement your dine-in orders. Delivery was already a growing trend before this year, and the pandemic has only accelerated it.

Besides, Lalamove can help to boost your profit margin. Third-party delivery doesn’t require significant overhead expenses, since you already have the ingredients, staff, and takeout containers. Partnering with a third-party delivery service means you don’t have to hire and train drivers, since Lalamove connects you to facilitate deliveries. Increasing sales without increasing expenses helps to improve your business’s profit margin.

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